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Digital Imagen is the only company with sufficient experience in the train vinyl wrapping sector, with more than one hundred completed units to back us up, with Cercanías trains in Madrid and Catalonia, and high speed trains, being the latter much more demanding in terms of vinyl wrapping, due to the characteristics of these trains, especially the speed at which they run, the quality controls have to be much more thorough and detailed.

Apart from working with the best materials, we have the best team of professionals, certified and approved to work in the railway industry. Digital Imagen wouldn’t be the number one company vinyl wrapping trains if it weren’t for the exceptional team of we have.

Immediate Response

Our response time makes us stand out from other companies in this sector because one of the biggest problems that the railway industry has is graffiti, until now any unit that suffered a graffiti painting must have been immobilized for several days, and moved to specialized workshops where it could be cleaned or repainted. With our way of operating, and thanks to the materials we use, this is no longer a problem, a unit painted by us can be completely fixed in record time, depending on the size of the graffiti, since we can solve the problem right at train stations.

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Nowadays, the issue of the environment is of vital importance, companies are increasingly aware of this issue, being a sustainable company, as Digital Image is, its very important for ourselves and especially for the future.

In our whole production process we strictly comply with this commitment, and its not just us saying this, the ISO 14001 standard backs us up, which certifies that the entire process, both printing and application is compliant with the environment, both material wise, such as inks, and waste treatment.


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