Quality, Environmental and Security Policies

For the adaptation and better response to the necessity and requirements of all their clients, DIGITAL IMAGEN has implemented an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM,
which incorporates the conductive vision of identifying risks and opportunities to focus on their application, monitoring and improvement, which will pave the way to attaining the Vision of DIGITAL IMAGEN, whose principles are:

  • Constantly improving DIGITAL IMAGEN Integrated Management System, quality management, service management, the security of the organizations information and commitment to the environment
  • Comply with all the relevant legal and contractual requirements at any level,(national, autonomous and local) as well as any other requirement DIGITAL IMAGEN subscribes to.
  • Align the Management System aspects (Quality, Environmental, Security, etc) with all the corporate objectives of all our clients as well as other interested parties.
  • Assure the Director’s of Management implication and tracking of the whole system and customer service.
  • Train and form all personal in Quality Control, Environmental management, security and data protection.
  • Inform all our employees of their role, obligations and responsibilities that the service management of DIGITAL IMAGEN implies.
  • Motivate all our employees and personal related to DIGITAL IMAGEN towards environmental protection to achieve active participation at a professional and personal level.
  • Assure the the Directors of DIGITAL IMAGEN commitment in offering a service that satisfies the client.
  • Understand the clients needs, design and provision of value-added services.
  • Diversify our business in every sector and market possible.
  • Promote external and internal communication.
  • Maintain our permanent commitment with innovation and investigation of techniques, technologies and methodology related to our services


  • The integration of environmental variables in operational and management activities of DIGITAL IMAGEN, by establishing appropriate models for preventing and controlling emissions, spills, waste, noise as well as any other environmental impact. Promote the reuse,recovery and recycling of waste and the proper and rational use of resources (energy, paper, consumables, water, etc.).
  • Guarantee pollution prevention by updating and monitoring environmental management systems, as well as environmental objectives and targets.
  • To proactively and positively influence the behavior of its main suppliers, promoting the adoption of environmentally responsible behaviors.


The scope of the company’s activity, the social and business architecture, the current legislation, the generation of external and internal confidence and ethical principles, are some of the motivations to position information security as a priority of DIGITAL IMAGEN. Our principals are:

  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  • Direct the development of the INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM based on the analysis and evaluation of risks, as well as manage them and implement controls adapted to them.
  • Have a continuity plan that allows you to recover from a disaster in the least time and mitigate the impact as much as possible.
  • Adequately manage all incidents that occur.

This policy serves as a reference framework for the establishment of quality, environmental and safety objectives.


Vidal Rodríguez Marcos